Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Fight a Wildfire Threatening Your Goals

Wildfires are common in Southern California.  They arrive without advance warning.  I know what it's like firsthand to watch burning embers blasting through the sky, shooting hand grenades at you while you're trying to escape with your family.  Some situations in life are like wildfires.  You are checking off the goals on your to do list and suddenly trouble looms.  The situation may appear hopeless.

I discovered a solution while helping deliver food and water to the firefighters in my community during our crisis.    The firefighters fought fire with fire using blow torches.  They communicated with radios and relied on shifting winds to get the job done.  I watched them set backfires with blow torches.  With teamwork, these brave men and woman eventually got control and eliminated the threat.

My wife and I have our own blow torches for fighting our debt.  We're setting backfires.  We're communicating.  We know the wildfire won't be eliminated right away.  We are doing our best to minimize the damage and re-direct the flames.  When the economic winds shift, we make adjustments in order to reach our retirement goals.  The key is to never give up, just like the firefighters who saved our home in Southern California.

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