Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Tiptoe on Your Big Goals

I never would have left California if all I did was tiptoe on our exit strategy.  Big goals require bold moves.  Burn the bridges.  Don't look back.  Bulldoze your new trail.  My apologies to the tulips.

Are you ready for a monumental change in your life?  If the answer is, "I don't think I'm ready," ask yourself a follow up question.  "When is the right time to be ready?"  I believe stalling is a technique we use to avoid confronting our fears.  My wife posted this note on our refrigerator... Fear is not from God.  That stirring feeling you have inside your stomach is your calling.  It's calling you.  It won't go away until you take action.  If you don't answer the call, you will be left with one thing at the end of your life – regret.  These people tiptoe through the tulips, but they never experience the mountain tops.  Go climb a mountain.

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