Wednesday, September 24, 2014

99 Days on the Wall

Autumn is here.  The fall colors are arriving on cue.  There are only ninety-nine days left on this year's wall calendar.  It's nearly synchronized with our youngest son's departure date, five days into the New Year.  He is preparing himself for military service.  My hands-on parenting days are dwindling, like the leaves on the trees.  Many use the term empty nest to describe this time period.  I believe that label focuses on a loss rather than a healthy changing of the seasons.

The greatest joy of parenting is seeing your adult children soar to new heights.  They were born with wings.  They are meant to fly.  The nest is only a temporary place.  I'm ready for the next chapter in my life.  I'm not counting the days on the wall.  I prefer to just be in the one I have today and live it to its fullest.  Have a great day.

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