Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where Opportunity Lurks

There it is.  I see it.  It's on the other side of the boundary line marked "comfort zone."  The first time I jumped the fence it was scary.  My heart raced.  I stumbled.  My knees bruised.  I retreated.  Funny thing about opportunity.  It's knocking on our doors every morning at sunrise.  It keeps inviting.  One morning, my wife grabbed my hand and asked, "are you ready?"  She pointed to a place beyond the horizon and smiled.  I asked her, "how far away is it?"  She answered, "I don't know but I'm ready for a new opportunity."  The rest of the story is a fairy tale, unfolding before my eyes one page at at time.

Go ahead.  Give yourself permission to explore the unknown.  You're the only person who can determine what you're capable of, as long as you are willing to risk going too far.  Safe journey.

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