Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Change Your Appetite, Change Your Life

"This candy is evil," declared one of my co-workers.  "I'm done eating it."  She did something few of us do, she found a way to change her desire for something most of us can't resist.  It's not easy to change your appetite for something so tempting, like sweets or excessive spending.  I'm working on both and I'm on target.  It's life-changing.  Here's my secret:

In order to change your appetite, you need to give your brain something more desirable.  Your brain controls your taste buds.  If you can paint a better picture of what your life will become, then your brain will be willing to avoid short-term temptations.  There are two ways to win...
  1. Hope for gain.  Imagine what your body will look like when you reach your goals.  See yourself wearing slim jeans or wearing a swim suit at the beach.  Visualize how fun it will be to go on nicer vacations that you pay cash for.
  2. Fear of loss.  This is a powerful appetite changer.  Show your brain what your life will be like if you don't change your appetite.  This is like to TV shows where troubled kids visit prison for a day and get a chance to meet their future room-mates.  The scarier the picture, the better your chances are that you will change your appetite.
What's on your menu today?  Are you willing to make permanent changes that will enhance the quality of your life?  I'm rooting for you.  Today is a great day to change your appetite and change your life.


Michael Mulligan said...

Just stumbled across this post and wanted to thank you for the short but sweet (zero calorie!) advice. I've been trying to picture the surprised look on my niece's face when I visit in six months and she sees me looking slim and trim for the first time in too many years. Keeping this image, this surprise, in mind is helping me make those appetite choices. On the fear side of the equation, sometimes I let my imagination run wild and picture (no laughing) something gross on the plate with the bad-for-me food. A gem from the cat litter box, for example. It works! Anyway, appreciate your post.

Michael Mulligan said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment, Cindy. I love your ideas. Have a great visit with your niece. I'm rooting for you!