Saturday, July 12, 2014

7 Ideas to Reduce Stress

Is your stress-o-meter about to explode?  If you answered yes, I can relate.  I've been there many times.  Don't worry.  Today's blog is all about helping you find serenity.  Here are seven tips to help you reduce stress:
  1. Sleep more.  Your body needs rest.  Don't cheat yourself to try to get more done.  Mistakes go up and stress increases when you're not well-rested.
  2. Exercise.  Take one minute out of your day and do some pushups or stomach crunches.  This will raise the endorphin levels in your brain and help you cope with stress.
  3. Stay away from negative people.  Think of them as thieves who want to rob you of your happiness.  Don't let them near you.
  4. Organize your life.  Clutter adds to stress.   Start with making your bed when you wake up.  A little bit of organizing every day will keep you out of the danger zone.
  5. Spend time with happy people.
  6. Take naps.  It's amazing how five or ten minutes of silence can help you get back on track.
  7. Stay away from sugar.  Your body will function better if you avoid junk food.  I prefer to eat a banana or an orange on my breaks instead of candy bars.  You don't need to put your body on a sugar roller coaster ride that causes your stress-o-meter to burst when your sugar levels crash.
Please add your thoughts about reducing stress in the comments section.  I wish you peace and happiness and a life without stress.  Have a great day.

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