Tuesday, July 8, 2014

True Colors

Do you ever feel like a Chameleon?  You change your colors to fit your environment so you blend in with the crowd.  Chameleons do this naturally to avoid being eaten by predators.  Politicians do this to win votes.  God has different ideas.  When Jesus began his ministry, many expected a Chameleon, someone who followed their laws and blended in with their culture.  Surprise!  Jesus wasn't what anyone expected.  He never blended in with the crowd.  He revealed his true colors and it led to crucifixion.   And Jesus expects the same from his followers.  He wants his sheep to hear his voice and follow him.

The world is calling you to be a Chameleon today.  Resist the temptation.  Show your true colors, even if it causes you pain and suffering.  Never be afraid to tell others who you follow.  Jesus will lead you to a place where you will fit in perfectly.  How will you answer his call?  Chameleon or true colors?

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