Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Celebrating Our 25th Wedding Anniversary Today

Twenty-five years ago she said yes.  It was the beginning of a journey that lasts a life time.  My hair is silver in honor of today's anniversary.  Hers is golden, a preview of what's ahead twenty-five years from today.  The best way to describe our lives together is like visiting Disneyland.  We began in Frontierland, spend our days in Adventureland, and look forward to Tomorrowland.  What a joy it is to have someone next to me as we explore new opportunities.

I'm offline today so I can savor this day without any social media interruptions.  This story was prepared in advance in order to honor my commitment to share all the good Jesus is doing in my life.  And when I look into my wife's eyes, I smile and say to myself, "What a wonderful world."  Thank you Jesus, for my e-ticket ride, and for giving me such an amazing companion to share my life with.  Happy Anniversary, my love.

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