Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All Life is an Experiment

"What's for dinner?"  I asked when I greeted my wife last night.  "It's a surprise," she answered.  I grabbed a bottle of beer and hustled down to the basement where our youngest son was waiting to watch a prerecorded match-up between the Padres and Cubs.  I took my first bite of my heavily seasoned surprise, served on a hot dog bun.  My wife peeked out from behind her book to get some feedback.  I tried a bite of the side dish.  "The Zucchini is amazing," I responded, withholding comment on the main course.  I searched for the proper words but I couldn't find them.

"This is the best Zucchini I ever tasted," I said.  "Thanks for being so positive," she said.  I congratulated her for making our food dollars stretch.  Rather than throw out something none of us liked, she took a mulligan and tried enhancing it.  That's why I love her.  She's full of surprises.  Most of them put a smile on my face.  All life is an experiment.  Go for it.  The more experiments you make, the better.

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