Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Give Your Goals Some Synergy

What price are you willing to pay to reach your goals?  It goes beyond dollars and cents.   Your goals also require your commitment of time and talent.  The price you pay varies depending on your age and experience.  I recommend grouping your goals so you get maximum value for your investment of time, talent and treasure.  This is called synergy – the combined goals are worth more than the sum of each individual goal.  Another way of describing this is when 1+1+1= 5.  Here are some examples...

  1. You desire weight loss, debt reduction, and more quality time with your family.  You decide to combine all three goals into one.  Once a week, you go to the park with your family and pack a lunch consisting of fruit and veggies instead of McDonald's.  You find yourself slimmer, your bank account healthier, and your family life better.  Everyone in the family wins including future generations.
  2. You want to be a homeowner, have enough savings for retirement, and enjoy nice vacations.  Time to put all three goals together.  There are many areas all over the country that have affordable housing.  They are surrounded by abundant lakes and rivers.  By relocating your family, your cost of living decreases while your value of living increases.  You can pay your mortgage off sooner and put the extra money in your retirement account.
  3. Your goals are to have better quality relationships, make a difference in the world and have more balance in your life.  It's time to turn of the TV, cut down on all the time you spend on social media pages and go out and volunteer for a project in your community.  The time you spend with other like-minded people will enhance your relationships, give you a sense that your contributions are making the world better and a feeling you have better balance in your life.
All three examples above come with extra benefits that add value to the price tag.  You will have fewer sick days.  Your body will be fit enough for you to enjoy your life.  You will be in a better position to help others.  You will have a sense of peace.  Your self-esteem will increase.  All you have to do is be willing to pay the price of obtaining your goals.  Combine your goals and work smarter rather than harder.  The earlier you begin, the lower the price tag and the greater the reward.  Please share this story with a friend.  Your comments below are appreciated.

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