Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lessons I've Learned From Twenty-five Years of Marriage

"What's your secret?"  the manager asked when she approached our table after learning my wife and I were celebrating our silver anniversary at her restaurant.  "I asked the same question to a couple I met last week who were celebrating their golden anniversary," I responded.  The husband smiled and then gestured zipping his lips.  The wife answered, "my faith."  They were the cutest couple and I believe their answers will help both of us during our next twenty-five years together. 

After the manager walked away, my wife and I explored the topic and we both agreed that being flexible is vital.  This was especially true with our anniversary celebration.  I was in charge of the plans and every detail was organized, all in secret.  Then, one of my tennis team-mates from California called to tell me he was passing through on his vacation and wanted to play some tennis.  It was the same day we were celebrating our anniversary.  Our son needed to use our car for a road trip. The weather was unpredictable.  I juggled some things around.  Then I got a voice message that made me nervous.  The owner of the bed and breakfast got flooded out the day before check in.  Our room was not available. 

My wife looked me in the eyes as I explained all the last-minute adjustments I made to pull of a celebration she described as a "10."  She said, "You see, I told you, it's all about being flexible."  I nodded my head in agreement.  "Here's to the next twenty-five years," I said.  "Happy anniversary."

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