Monday, March 31, 2014

Are You Your Greatest Obstacle?

Think about the top ten challenges in your life for a moment.  How long have these obstacles been in your life?  Do you have any idea when you're going to conquer them?  What's stopping you?  If you are having trouble, I know how you feel.  If your really honest with yourself, you may find the number one reason why you're not reaching your goals.  It's you.  Don't get stressed about this.  Once you identify yourself as the main obstacle, you can bust through anything in your way.  Try these ideas:
  1. Stop trying to re-invent the wheel.  There are people all around you who found a way to overcome the same challenges you are dealing with.  All you have to do is follow their example.
  2. Try something new.  Only a fool will do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  If you want to unfreeze yourself, you need to experiment with new approaches to the same problems.
  3. Focus.  You can't solve all your problems at the same time.  Your brain becomes so overwhelmed that you get stuck.  Forget about how big your to do list is and pick one challenge that you are going to handle.  Keep chipping away until you eliminate the obstacle in front of you.  Don't give up.
  4. Pretend you already found a solution to your problem.  Imagine yourself at some future point on the other side of your obstacle.  Do you see yourself in a new body that is pounds lighter and physically fit?  Take a good look at how happy you are.  Sometimes, just seeing yourself on the other side of the problem is enough to inspire you to achieve your goals. 
  5. Stop telling yourself you can't do it.  Every time your brain hears you say, "I can't do this," your brain gives up and you really can't do it.  Start telling your brain, "I'm smart enough to find a solution and strong enough to keep moving forward until I get past any and all obstacles."  Your brain is listening to everything you say and will oblige.
The good news for you is that you are capable of turning everything around right now.  You have the power to become your greatest ally instead of your greatest obstacle.  Don't forget to share your results with me.  I'm waiting to hear your positive results.  Thanks for visiting today.

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