Sunday, March 16, 2014

Are You Lucky Enough?

We changed our second pet's name to Lucky after we adopted him.  The name fit him.   He ate up all the cushions in our couches the first week he moved in.  I say he was lucky we didn't return him.   We left him alone for a couple of days while we visited family at the beach.  The place where we stayed didn't allow pets so we decided to leave our back door open for him.  Big mistake.  Rather than stay inside, he spent the entire time outdoors moaning and groaning.  The neighbors called the police.  When we got home we heard all about Lucky's late night antics.  He spent the rest of his life as our constant companion.  Eventually, he stopped eating our cushions.

Some people aren't so lucky.  They don't see the same opportunities that lucky people see.  If you don't feel lucky enough, maybe you need to change your attitude.  Tell yourself, "I'm lucky."  Your brain will follow your command.  Your sense of awareness will increase and you will start seeing new opportunities.  That's all there is.  Your luck will improve.  Try it.

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