Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Have an Iron Man in Our Family

My wife and I attended our youngest son's wrestling banquet last night.  He and ten of his team-mates accepted a special honor, the Iron Man award.  In order to qualify, each wrestler needed to be at every practice and every match from beginning to end.  A one minute tardy or leaving practice one minute early meant disqualification.

All season long, we watched our son push himself to his limits.  He battled injuries.  He fought through pain.  When he couldn't wrestle, he showed up anyway and jumped on the exercise bike.  His coach told the team that never before in school history have so many wrestlers earned this award.  Our son and his team-mates remind me that showing up every day and doing the work separates the men from the boys.  They had an amazing season because they committed to daily practice.

I would like to acknowledge all the hard working coaches who helped shape our son into a fine young man who has an incredible work ethic.  The world needs good mentors who are willing to make sacrifices so that the next generation can excel.  Thank you!

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