Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Happens When You Share?

The last time I visited my cousin, Mark Mulligan, he invited my family to be guests at a house concert about one hundred miles away from my new hometown.  We chatted during a break and he told me about a book he was writing, The Three Miracles.  It was great to see him so happy up on the stage, doing what he does best – singing and entertaining.  He wouldn't let me pay for the concert.  Mulligans can be stubborn when it comes to picking up the tab.  It's like facing a UFC fighter who refuses to submit.  Instead of getting in a fight about paying for the concert, I found a way to turn it into a win-win situation.  I used my entertainment budget to purchase a Mulligan's Island tee-shirt and a couple of Mark's CD's.  Knowing the shelf life of my shirts, this is a great investment on my end.  And I get to hear Mark's music year-round.

My cousin did it again.  Last week I sent him an email congratulating him about his book and told him I couldn't wait to read it.  Before I could order my personal copy, he emailed me back and told me the book was already on its way.  I walked over to the post office first thing in the morning yesterday to pick up my copy.  The outside temperature was in the teens and the wind was howling.  I didn't care.  All I could think about was spending my day off in front of a warm fireplace reading my cousin's book.  What a joy it was to read his story.  My phone started beeping at me the moment I flipped to page seventy-four.  It was one of Mark's brothers.  He was reading the book at the same time.  What an experience.  I was reading Mark's story and texting with my cousin who was one of the characters in The Three Miracles.  Talk about a 3D reading experience!  Mark was already pushing all my emotional hot buttons as if we were on some sort of rickety roller coaster with no brakes and suddenly my cousin John was sitting next to me just in time for another big plunge.

The ride came to a conclusion shortly after supper.  My wife noticed the excitement on my face and hollered, "Don't share anything, I'm reading the book next."

"You're gonna love this book, honey," I told her, "Mark is sharing from the heart."

That begs the question, "what happens when you share?"

All I can say is that the world changes when you share.  Connectivity happens like some kind of chemical reaction when the right ingredients are mixed together.  Hope rises like an early morning sunrise.  Endorphins are released into your body.  You feel different.  You feel good.

Are you interested in having your own roller coaster experience?  I recommend you click here to visit my cousin's website and order a copy of his new book.  Take a look at his schedule.  When he's in your area, go check him out.  Tell him his crazy caveman cousin sent you.  And please don't get into a fight with him about which of us is crazier.  I own all the rights to this category.

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