Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are Your Dreams Living in the Shadows of Your Fears?

Fears are fences we build to keep us safe from the unknown.  I don't believe in fences.  They are artificial boundaries that hinder our dreams.  They are excuses for not being the best we can be.  I want an unobstructed view of all the possibilities that exist and I certainly don't ever want my dreams to be overshadowed by artificial barriers.

What good is a dream that lives in solitary confinement because someone else told you there is no place for it in the world and you agreed?  You are the gatekeeper.  You are the judge.  You are the person responsible for every dream that lives inside your mind.  Decide today to bust through that fence and venture out at full speed.  Leave your fears behind.  Yes, there is greener grass out there.  You will never find it if you're too afraid to follow your dreams.  Do yourself a favor today and stop living in the shadows of your fears. 

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