Monday, September 30, 2013

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Today contains 1,440 minutes.  Approximately seven billion hearts are beating all over the world.  Some are having fun and some aren't.  I believe the difference between the two groups comes down to one thing — choices.  Yes, no matter what your circumstances are today, you get to choose how you will spend your 1,440 minutes.  I chose to live the dream today.  Not tomorrow.  Not next month or next year.  Today.  Here are some choices I'm making to make sure I live the dream today:
  1. I'm posting this positive message on my personal blog.  My only cost is the time it takes to type the message and post it.  That's about thirty minutes.  I still have 1,410 minutes of my day left.  The measure of my happiness does not come from what I get but what I give. 
  2. I'm looking out the window during my commute.  Every day there is something different to look at.  Right now the leaves are changing color.  I have thirty minutes to soak it all in before I arrive at my day job.
  3. While I'm working I'm going to discover something new.  It may be a new way to handle my tasks.  It may be an opportunity to develop a creative idea.  I may learn something from a fellow employee.  I expect something good to happen while I'm working today during my 480 minutes on the job.
  4. My ride home will give me an opportunity to view an awesome sunset.  The dusk is never the same.  I will think about my family waiting to greet me when I get home while I'm driving home.
  5. Dinner time is sharing time.  My family will share what lessons they learned.  They will discuss the highs and lows of their day.  This is a precious moment.  Yes, it's a fun time.  We usually finish our day with a comedy on TV and then we get to bed early for eight hours of sleeping and dreaming.
I hope you decide to have fun today.  Live the dream.  And if you have a spare minute or two, please share what you are going to do today to have more fun in your life.  Thanks for your input.

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