Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Get Out of the Fog

Visibility is important for success.  The fog can roll in at any time.  It affects your ability to make wise choices.  The kind of fog I'm talking about is the fog that creeps into your life on days when you least expect it, like getting a lay-off notice or news about cancer.  You're cruising on the highway of life with your high-beams and suddenly you're blind.  How do you get out of the muck?

The best way to stay out of the fog is to avoid it.  Think of your life as a chess game.  The masters do one thing better than everyone else, they see more moves than their opponents see.  They see the traps and they see the best way out of the traps.  They coordinate all the players so the king is never blind-sided.  They wallow in the sunshine.  This can be you.  Here's how to get out of the fog:
  1. Change your vantage point.  You may have to climb a mountain or move to a new location.  Fog is usually in confined to isolated areas.  If you stay where you are, you will never be able to get a clear picture of all the opportunities in your life.
  2. Use your low-beams.  What I mean by this is change your focus.  Maybe you're so busy going straight ahead into the future that you don't see the opportunities or solutions that are close by.  
  3. Use all five of your senses.  Your hearing needs the surround-sound to be turned on.  Your vision should be like an NFL receiver who always knows where he is in relation to the football, the opponent and the field.  This "triple vision" will add points on your scoreboard.
  4. Keep moving.  Keep searching.  A new job is out there.  Science is advancing and new cures are discovered every day.  The more you expand your level of awareness, the more possibilities you will find.
  5. Stretch yourself.  Challenge yourself to see a little bit more every day.  Learn to see one more move on the chess board than your opponent.  It takes practice.  When you lose, start a new game.  Just don't give up, no matter how dense the fog may seem today.
What is going on in your life that makes everything appear foggy?  Please share what you do to get out of the fog.  I appreciate you adding to the conversation.  Just click the comment button below.  Thanks. 

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