Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life in a New Time Zone

Do you ever wonder if the time zone you're living is the best one for you and your family?  I was born in the Mountain Time Zone and lived there for over two decades.  Life was good.  One day I met a young lady from the Central Time Zone.  We fell in love.  We decided to try out a new time zone together and moved to the Pacific Time Zone after our honeymoon.  Life was good.  We settled in a small town in Southern California and lived there for a couple of decades.  We had three children.  We adopted a couple of pets.  Life was good.  One day my wife woke up and told me she had a yearning to move back to the Central Time Zone.  Life got interesting.  The children rebelled.  "If you move, I will go live with our cousins," declared one of them.  The straw poll at the dinner table appeared to favor the Pacific Time Zone by a 4-1 margin.  My wife visited the Central Time Zone during Spring Break.  Two of our children accompanied her.  When she came home she called for another family meeting.  Life got more interesting.  My wife worked the room better than Nancy Pelosi.  When the votes were tallied the Central Time Zone came out on top, 3-2.

What are families supposed to do when the votes are split?  I wasn't sure.  I prayed.  I searched my heart.  I poured over years of love letters my wife wrote me.  The underlying theme was that my wife missed her siblings.  She was ready for a new life.  I was feeling butterflies in my stomach.  The naysayers were out in full force.  "You will never survive in the Midwest," they said.  "One Winter and you'll be back."

The naysayers overlooked one thing — the power of love.  I  acquiesced.  The decision to move to a new time zone became unanimous.  We moved.  Each member of our family discovered something — life in a new time zone has its rewards.  All five of the transplants are thriving.  And I learned an important lesson:  life is good regardless of the time zone you live in.

If you ever changed time zones, how was your experience?  And if you're contemplating a move, how do you feel about it?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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