Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Handle Life When You're the Underdog

Do you hear the referee counting to ten?  You have two choices:  stay on the ground or get back up.  I prefer the latter.  Maybe that's why I always like to root for the underdog.  It takes courage to get up off the mat when life is peppering you with punch after punch.  I have good news.  Every time life throws a punch you have an opportunity to learn something.  Every time you get knocked down you get to look inside yourself and discover what you're really made of.

Think about the last time you were backed into a corner.  How did you feel on the inside?  Did you notice your heart rate increasing?  That's your creativity waking up.  Your brain wants to avoid pain and it's calling on all your resources to figure out a way to stand up to your enemy.  Remember this:  life isn't singling you out.  Everybody has challenges.  Losers believe there is no way to win.  Winners believe life is divided into a series of rounds.  Each round is a lesson.  As long as you're willing to keep getting up you have an opportunity to raise your hands in victory.

I've been in the arena a long time.  Some may wonder, how does this guy keep getting back up?  Shouldn't he be dead by now?  Others say, "this guy definitely looks like an underdog.  I can relate to him.  He believes he can win no matter how many punches life throws at him."

There is no enemy who can defeat you.  I don't care how big he is.  All you have to do is keep fighting.  Remember who you are, who created you and why you're here.  And fight.  Do this every day.  Don't give up.  Keep learning.  I'm cheering for you.  Please share who your biggest opponent is and how you plan to defeat him.  I look forward to reading your comments.

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