Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Ideas to Make This Day Your Best Ever

Have you ever experienced a day when the world seems to be taking a dump on you?  I remember a beautiful day from my teenage years when I was driving my VW Super Beetle around town.  My sunroof was open and my windows were rolled down.  My stereo was blaring.  A giant bird flew directly above me and decided to express himself.  He left a nice exclamation mark all over me.  Yikes!  What a disaster.  How are you supposed to turn a crappy day like that into a happy day?  Here are some thoughts:
  1. Take a look around.  If you think you're the only one in this world who is having a bad hair day, just open your eyes.  You can complain about your misery or maybe lend a hand and help someone clean up the poop in their lives.
  2. Laugh.  I'm still laughing so hard from last night that my ribs are ready to break.  My wife performed with a group of football moms at a prep rally.  They were dressed like the people from Duck Dynasty.  The women were hamming it up and the crowd loved it.  Sorry, I'm not allowed to share the video.  Just use your imagination.
  3. Forgive.  I know some people close to me who are still clinging to some bad memories.  It's just not worth it.  If you want to make this your best day ever, clean up the poop from your past and throw it away.  That bird who dumped on me over thirty years ago died a long time ago.  I don't need to keep reliving that memory, except to maybe laugh a little.  Today is a great day to forgive all the people who "expressed themselves" all over you.
  4. Dance. Tonight I get the opportunity to attend a homecoming game with my wife.  While our son is out on the field doing what he loves, we will be in the stands dancing.  I learned some new moves last night at the pep rally.  Everyone in the stands participated.  We are going to be dancing all night.  It's fun.  That's what homecoming is all about.
  5. Keep in touch.  Contact someone from your past who made a difference in your life and tell them how much they mean to you.
  6. Say "I love you."  
  7. Do something nice for someone who has no ability to repay you and don't tell anybody.
  8. Say "thank you."
  9. Turn off the TV.
  10. Take a walk in the park.
Now it's your turn to add to the list.  Please share one idea you will use today to make this day your best ever.  Thank you for visiting.

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