Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Last Hour

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It's easy to know what someone's priorities are.  Just look at what they're doing right now.  Whatever it is...watching TV, spending time with family, exercising - that's what the priority is.  Suppose you were told this was your last hour.  Would you turn off the TV?  Would your priority change?

Most of us are afraid of that final hour.  We're so busy rushing around to complete our checklists, we overlook what's really important.  Live each hour as if it were your last and you won't be caught by surprise.  Make the hour count.  Every hour.  Say you're sorry.  Phone a friend.  Let go of a grudge.  Make the hour you are living right now your finest and savor it, every precious minute of it.

Would you care to comment?  Share how you would spend your last hour.


JP said...

My last hour? Call my son, reach out to my closest friend, and continue doing the Lord's work.

Michael Mulligan said...

Great words of wisdom, JP.