Monday, January 16, 2012

The Way He Moves

I wish I could find words to describe the way God moves.  His ways are beyond human comprehension.  The nonbeliever looks around and sees chaos.  He observes all the world's problems but cannot see any Divine solutions.

Maybe this is the reason God gave us children.  We experience sadness when they are away from us and sorrow when they disobey.  We dance for joy when they return after a long absence.  If we can feel such deep emotions even when we love our children imperfectly, imagine how God feels when He loves us perfectly.  Would you deliberately send your son or daughter away to be killed for the sake of someone you don't even know?  That's how much God loves you.

Do you want to see a miracle today?  Ask God to move your heart.  Maybe you need help forgiving someone who hurt you or loving somebody you can't stand to be around.  Even though we may not understand how God moves, we can feel our own hearts move when we ask God for help.  Give it a try.  Don't worry if you can't figure out how God moves, just enjoy the peace He gives you when He moves your heart.

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