Monday, January 30, 2012

Living My Faith

When you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. ~ Jeremiah 29:12

The best way I can describe Faith is not with my words but my actions.  Faith is invisible.  Actions are visible.  Words are natural.  God is supernatural.  So are ideas.  And prayer is a way to connect the invisible with the visible.

When I began my formal writing journey almost nine hundred days ago, a tiny whisper ignited a flame within me; I cannot explain how it happened or why the fire consumes every ounce of my being.

I suppose the captives experienced this when they were freed from slavery.  An invisible force guided them into the unknown desert.  Their enemies pursued them to the edge of the Red Sea and they found themselves trapped.  Moses raised his hands high in the air and the sea parted, revealing an escape route.

My friends, I'm on a similar journey today.  The part visible to you is this blog, now connected to Caveman Reflections, Free Lemonade Stories, and my next book.  It's also the link between the visible and the invisible.

What will happen next?  If my past is any indication of my future, you will want to come back regularly and discover it with me and my family.  I rarely write about my family for a reason.  They prefer to be invisible.  The plan God has for me includes a vision for my loved ones; they understand what it means to live their faith.  They witness the Red Sea in our daily lives parting on a regular basis.  It is so natural for my family that we expect the Red Sea to part every time we appear trapped.  God's plans don't end at cul-de-sacs.  They are just mountains meant to be overcome.  I raise my hands to the heavens and ask God to show me the strategy for removing any barriers to His plans.  I can't explain how the mountains move.  It has to do with faith. 

Have you every faced a mountain in your life that you moved?  Leave your comments below.

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