Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. John Mulligan Endorses Book

I'm happy to announce my cousin, Dr. John Mulligan, as the first relative to endorse my next book, The Caveman in the Mirror.  While conversing with my cousin, I shared the plot about two crazy people who are the main characters in the novel.  I told my cousin there's only one other relative outside my immediate family publicly following my Caveman Reflections blog; he happens to be John's younger brother, David (You can see David singing with his band in the YouTube video below).  For those of you who read my first book, God's Black Sheep Squadron, you know my dad considered himself the black sheep of the Mulligan family.  After my parents divorced and dad moved away, I felt this void.  A big part of it was missing those weekly Mulligan gatherings with my cool cousins.  John found a way to keep in touch through the dark times my family faced without our dad in the picture.

My cousin told me he has no problem endorsing my work.  As an endorser, John will read the final manuscript before sharing his review on the back cover.  I first became aware of my cousin's gift for healing others when he nursed my damaged knee after a bad fall on Mulligan Mountain in Prescott, Arizona.  We were racing down the mountain while on a grade school break.  John out-paced me by a couple of steps.  I gave it everything I had and tumbled.  The young doctor restored his first patient good as new.  Years later, he tells other family members he wished he could've done something for the brain injury.  Funny, most people think he's serious, especially the ones who know me.

Thank you, cousin, for giving me permission to disclose our blood ties.  I look forward to your review on the back cover.  And tell the rest of the clan it's okay to visit me at the Cyber-bistro.  I will never share any information about my relatives unless permission is granted first.  Thanks for joining me on the planet two months and five days after I was born.  That's a lot of years of swimming, camping, playing tennis, and sharing awesome times together.  And here's another shout out to your kid brother, David, sitting in the front seat with his band buddies.  I thank both of you for supporting my writing efforts.

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