Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unguru Says: Blog it and They Will Come

I laugh when others refer to me as a guru in the blogosphere.  The reality is I'm more of an "Unguru," just like 7-Up was the uncola when it was first introduced.  Remember the commercial?...

This original blog is approaching it's 1,000th day in cyberspace and now has two younger siblings, "Free Lemonade Stories," and "Caveman Reflections."  Thanks to my foray into the world of bloggage, the lessons I learned from penning daily stories enabled me to gain the confidence to launch my first book without needing a traditional publisher.  I laugh because I did all this without any formal training or much technical expertise and my total book publishing expenses were under $99!  As of this date, I have spent a total of ZERO DOLLARS on my three blogs and website.  That's ZERO start-up costs and Zero monthly expenses.  I did hire Alex and Cynthia to freelance for me on the book cover and I plan to bring in some experts for my second book, however, I promised my wife I wouldn't give the gurus money to learn how to blog.  I guess you can call me the unguru of blogs - definitely much nuttier than the other guys.

If any of you reading this blog are thinking about blogging or perhaps writing your own book, I would like to offer my two cents... blog it and they will come.  Your readers may not find you the day you hit the launch button and they may not stay long in the early days.  Do not give up.  Everyone on this planet has a story to tell, a life lesson to pass along.  If you are contemplating getting in the pool with the writers of this world, dive in.  The temperature in the water has never been so inviting.

I may not be a blog guru, however, if you take the time to become a follower and want some pointers, I will be happy to offer you a free e-guide with five easy to follow tips to help you get started.  This free e-guide, "Blog it and They Will Come Starter Kit" is only available to my blog followers.  Once you become a public follower, email me and ask for the free ebook.  Just give me your email address and put "Free Blog Starter Kit, Please" in the subject line and you're on your way.  If you have a friend who is interested in blogging and you want me to send them a free blog starter kit, just share this story with them and before you know it, your friend will be blogging away, the unguru way!

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