Thursday, January 12, 2012

She Still Loves Me

It was a sad day on Butler Drive.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.  My cousins and I were in our front yard playing "Red Rover."  It was the last time I recall being taller than the rest of the clan.  Most of them tipped the 6 foot mark well before high school graduation.  I was still in grade school at the time of the "incident."

On that fateful day, my younger cousin (I will call him Richard to protect his true identity) and I called Red Rover, Red Rover, send Amy right over....(Amy's not her real name either).  She went on the witness protection list after we turned the evidence of our pathetic crime over to her parents.  Some say she lives on the east coast, far away from the troublemakers.

It seemed innocent enough - call over the bravest cousin on the other side and just let go as she daringly challenged our line at a full-speed attack.  That was until she flew right by us and crashed into our VW van parked in the driveway.  It was a bloody scene.

I still remember picking up a fragment of Amy's front tooth and dropping it off with her entourage of helpers who were busy cleaning her up.  Amy's tooth was eventually restored to it's natural state. She now flashes her tooth-paste commercial smile everywhere she goes, brightening up the lives of others.  And she still loves me.  She forgave my cousin Richard, too.  Good thing her mother taught her to love her enemies, even the ones Amy is related to.  I'm really glad she still loves me.  God bless her.  Blood is thicker than water, especially amongst cousins.

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