Monday, August 1, 2011

Sudden Life

You never know what to expect from the Mulligan clan.  They joke, they compete, and most of all, they make you feel good when you are having a bad day.  Many of my blog posts are inspired by family members, however, I withhold their names to maintain their privacy.

One of my younger cousins shared with me how life is broken down into four quarters, just like football.  Those of us who are still playing the game at one hundred years old enter "sudden death" overtime.  My cousin believes the connotation may scare some people; he would rather call each quarter as well as  overtime "sudden life."  He has a solid point since we never really know when our time will expire.

How are you doing with "sudden life?"  Do you live each moment to it's fullest?  Do you have it in you to make a comeback after an injury?  Are you willing to try something new when your current game plan is keeping your offense off the field?

Don't overlook your special teams.  Your creative play calling can get you right back in the game no matter the score.  Take some risks.  Throw a few Hail Mary's.  Learn how to take the ball away when you are playing defense.  Remember not to get too flashy when you score a touchdown and give credit to the One who helped you get in the end zone.  Be a strong role model for the fans who look up to you for inspiration.  The world needs good players to fill your shoes when you retire from the game and enter the Hall of Fame for a life well lived.

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