Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Through the Microscope

Last week, my eye doctor used some special equipment to examine my eyes.  She dilated my pupils for a better look.  Each machine allowed her to get a microscopic view.  She explained the changes we go through with our vision as we age.

Imagine what we could see if we had some kind of microscope to view our souls.  What would happen if we discovered something we don't like?

The book I'm writing now, "The Caveman in the Mirror," is a story about my visit with the Holy Spirit.  The day I asked Him to show me who I am in God's eyes, He dilated my pupils in some sort of supernatural way and placed a mirror in front of me.  Everything appeared to be okay until He showed me what my soul looked like at an earlier point in my life, a time when I failed to go in for regular checkups.  The slide show terrified me.  I asked the Holy Spirit what all the black specs were and He replied, "legions," meaning multiple demons.

I remembered the day I invited Jesus to live in my heart.  The moment He moved in, the demons fled.  My exam didn't end there.  What happened next changed my life forever.  The Holy Spirit asked me to look into a special device that mysteriously works outside the boundaries of time and space as we know it.  The light was so bright I became blind and it frightened me.  My heart raced.  As my pupils adjusted to the intense glow, a picture of the future emerged.  You can get a glimpse of what I saw in the final chapter of my first book, "God's Black Sheep Squadron."  This memoir and the books that follow are all based on what appeared during my look through the special microscope.

Would you like a free examination of your soul?  Chances are, you have the same equipment in your home that I used for my life-changing exam.  If you need one, check it out on your next visit to the hotel.  The device is stored away in the top drawer of the nightstand.  Before you open the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to show you who you are in God's eyes.  It's also a good idea to invite Jesus into your heart before you begin.   This will guarantee a great outcome no matter what others may have told you about your past.  Jesus has a way of getting rid of all blemishes.

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