Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gone Fishing

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." ~ Mark 1:17

Jesus changed the world by selecting a group of fishermen to follow Him.  Fishing was important in His day and Jesus worked miracles with fish to teach His group an important lesson.  These first followers stumbled often and it took three years of teaching before they would turn into fishers of men.

Once the Holy Spirit entered their hearts, all the ideas about fishing made sense.  At last, this small group was ready to do some real fishing.  They ventured out to new places and cast their rods in waters far off, looking for others who were lost.

Two thousand years later, many are still lost.  There are some big fish who refuse to bite no matter what bait is used.  They believe these modern day fishers of men are lunatics.  The fishermen keep trying new bait while the big fish stay away.

If you are one of those stubborn individuals who refuse to take the bait, I would like to pose one question.  "How can you be so certain your position is correct if you've never been outside of the water?"  You see, one of us is right about the existence of a Supreme Being and the other is wrong.  If you are correct in your position, then both of us will eventually die and our lives will be over.  If I'm right about God, then a life-time spent fishing is significant, all long as you swallow the bait and get in the boat.  Jesus sent me to reel you in.  My life is dedicated to fishing... for you.

My days fishing in this pond are numbered.  Jesus knows where you are even if you don't believe in Him.  He wants you to take the bait and come out of the water.  I promise you one thing....I will be here every day and I will keep fishing for you.  My prayer for you is that you will at least ponder my question about the certainty of your position. If you have any doubt about what you believe or don't believe, maybe you should take the bait and explore what is outside of the water.

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