Monday, August 8, 2011

Do Prayers Matter?

Prayers are like conversations with good friends.  When you run into an old buddy who has been out of your life for a while, both of you get excited as you catch up on current events.  You promise to keep in touch, however, both of you are busy and somehow your friendship drifts.

Consider your prayer life as a way of keeping in touch with God.  Make time for Him.  Prayers can be divided into two main categories, gratitude and petitions.  Don't forget to say thank you for the blessings in your life.  When you need something, pray for it.  Imagine you are a carpenter on a job site and you realize you are missing something you need to get the job done.  If you are missing a hammer, ask God to give you one.  He will always give you what you need to do the job He assigned to you.  If you need more patience, understanding, or empathy, just ask for it in the form of a prayer.

Jesus wants to be your friend.  Keep in touch with Him on a regular basis.  The more you pray, the more your prayers will matter and the closer you will get to Jesus.  If your prayers are infrequent, commit to a prayer each morning when you wake up.  Do this for thirty days and judge for yourself if your prayers are making a difference in your life.

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