Monday, August 15, 2011

Healing an Enemy

A simple dispute with a neighbor can lead to generations of hatred.  It was no different when Jesus was born into a Jewish family over two thousand years ago.  The same people in neighboring communities who hated His people then still fight today.  It's rare when someone from the opposing side crosses enemy lines.

A mother of a possessed child learned Jesus was hiding out in her community and cried out to Him for help.  She was a foreigner, a Greek who was born in Syria.  Jesus was laying low in her community, giving His followers a break He promised them.  This woman was preventing Jesus from giving His followers the rest they desperately needed.  The woman kept yelling out to Jesus from outside the home and Jesus did not immediately respond, telling His followers His mission was for the Jews.

Jesus did not send the woman away.  Instead, He used her deep faith to teach His followers a lesson.  Yes, He was there for His people.  Even though the leaders of His people rejected Him, He was there to save them.  Once they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, they would reach out to their enemies and save them, just as Jesus healed the woman's daughter from demonic possession.  It didn't matter that the woman was from a country that hated Jews.

Imagine what happened when the woman returned home to find her daughter healed.  She would have spent the rest of her life telling others about Jesus.  It's not easy to cross enemy lines for help.  When a foe helps someone from the other side, the door opens for healing.  This is our mission, to get out of our comfort zones and share Jesus with the world.  It's easy to do this with people we love.  The hard part is reaching out to the very people who hate us.  Are you ready to heal an enemy?

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