Friday, August 5, 2011

A Predetermined Destiny

A friend asked me recently if our destinies are predetermined or if we can change them because of our own free will.  The question is a loaded one because free will means you have the ability to follow your own game plan and a predetermined destiny suggests you are not in control of your future.

I answered my friend based on my assumption there is a Creator of the universe who is all-loving.  When you love somebody perfectly, it means you must give the person the free will to choose to love you or not love you back.  Failure to give this freedom means you're not loving them perfectly. 

I also believe the Creator of the universe is all-knowing.  This is something a person who has limited wisdom can never fully grasp.  I believe God knew every choice I would make even before He created me.  Does this mean that because He knew every choice I would eventually make, my destiny is predetermined?  I believe I do have free will and God also knows every choice I will make in the future.  His knowledge of my future choices does not take away my free will.

Jesus had a predetermined destiny.  He also had free will.  Because the Creator knew Jesus would follow His game plan, it was possible for others connected to the Creator to foretell the future.  The Bible is loaded with predictions about Jesus and every one of them came true.

What will your destiny be?  Will it be one of poor choices and dead ends or will it be one in alignment with God's plans for your life?  God already knows if you will follow Him or reject Him.  Regardless of what you choose, He loves you perfectly.  If you believe there is a God who loves you perfectly, even though He knows everything about you, the choice to follow Him is an easy one.

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