Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in San Diego

The picture here was captured by my daughter (see her photo album in the friends/family link in upper left).  As I look at the picture of the homeless man flying our flag over his makeshift shelter, I think of all the brave men and women who died so that we could be free.  How beautiful it is to see a stranger displaying what may be one of his most cherished possessions for the benefit of others.

The price of freedom is a high one.  This picture makes me think of those who serve in order to make this photo possible.  Rich or poor, better or worse, this flag flies for all.  We share one thing...our freedom.

On this special Memorial Day, let's pause for a moment and thank those who died for everything that this flag stands for.  Let's also thank all who are in the military today, protecting us from those who would like to take away our freedom.  God Bless our country and all those who serve to protect her.

Happy Memorial Day!

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