Friday, May 21, 2010

Soul Mates

A couple of days ago, someone close to me asked my opinion on soul mates.  Her main question is what happens if we discover that the person we are married to is not our soul mate?  What if we find this person after we have married?

One way to look at this topic is to observe people who have been married multiple times.  Since spouse number one wasn't the right one, why not just get out of that marriage and go with the next "soul mate"?  After the infatuation stage wears off, along comes another who is a much better fit... so why not move on?

Another way to look at the topic is to observe the Holy family.  Can you imagine what was going through Joseph's head when Mary came to him and said, "I am with child"?  She also told him that she was still a virgin.  Believable?  Soul mate? I am sure Joseph had a lot in his head about this Mary and her angel visit. 

We don't know much about the Holy family after they moved away to escape death.  Life in a foreign land must have been tough with no family or friends as a support system.  Joseph and Mary remained committed to raising their Son and helping Him to fulfill His destiny.

Marriage is like a roller coaster ride, many highs and many lows.  For me, it is a ride that I have committed to for a life-time.  The Evil One cannot stand to see two people stay together and He does everything to destroy something that is sacred.  Spouses are not made to be thrown away just because we are tempted by another that on the outside appears to be our perfect soul mate.

I would suggest to anyone who is unsure about their marriage to spend some time with couples who have been married more than fifty years.  Ask them about soul mates.  Also, try some counseling to see what is causing you to feel that your spouse is not your soul mate.  You may find the two of you do not understand each others' love language.

Take a look at your home.  Maybe your desire to seek another soul mate has to do with your living conditions.  The home improvement guy is knocking on your door and wants to move in.  As long as He is my room-mate, I can face any challenges and my marriage will remain strong.  I will also never forget that it is my wife who led me to Him.  Go ahead, answer the door and see how He will make all things new.

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