Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Improvement

My wife loves all the home improvement shows that are on TV these days.  Her favorite is "Fix to Sell", where a group of experts come in to help homeowners fix the problems that are causing their homes to sit on the market.

There is another TV show that I have only seen a couple of times.  It features people who have never thrown anything away, not even the trash.  There is so much clutter and garbage that the homeowners can't even reach the bathroom.  The homeowners are prisoners in their own homes and they don't know how to escape.

Before I came out of my cave, my heart was filled with so much clutter that I saw no way to ever come out.  I felt trapped.  Years of accumulating hurts and grudges that I refused to let go of took a toll on me.  I refused to open the windows to my heart for fear that I would be exposed and rejected.  The only person in the world that really knew me was my wife.  She deserved so much better.

Everything changed when I finally answered the front door.  Jesus was like the telemarketer that refuses to stop calling until you finally answer the phone.  There was barely enough room to let Him into my "cave".  The first thing He did was give me a big hug.  Then He told me He wanted to live in the cave with me. 

My life has never been the same.  As I look back, I am embarrassed to describe just how awful the cave looked on the inside.  Before I met Jesus, I used to swear...right up until the moment He moved in.  There are still times when I get mad, however, it is as if He grabs my cuss words before they are able to come out of my mouth and makes them disappear.

Ever since Jesus moved in, I have been working with Him to dispose of all the boxes of stuff I was hoarding.  Jesus needed more space and He was eager to help me.  I told Jesus that I could not lift the box marked "unforgiven", it was too heavy and it was blocking the boxes labeled, "hatred", "prejudice" and "pride".  Jesus put the heaviest box on His shoulders and carried it out all by Himself.  As He approached the front door, He stumbled on the box marked "greed".  I was so ashamed.  Before He got up, He told me, "Behold, I make all things new".  Then, with supernatural strength, He stood up and hoisted the box like a champion weight-lifter, then marched out triumphantly.  At that moment, a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I was able to stand up straight.  Oh, what an amazing feeling!

Recently, my wife and I hung up a couple of pictures in our bedroom to remind us of all the good that Jesus continues to do for us.  The first picture is of our new room-mate, Jesus.  Next to Him is a picture of His mother.  He told me He was a terrible burden for her when she was raising Him, yet she never once complained, not even when a sword pierced her heart.  She shows up once in a while in the strangest places.  Her message is always the same..."listen to my Son and follow Him".  Her picture reminds us of what a loving mother looks like and how important her Son is to the world.

Our home improvements are just about done.  I am happiest about the pictures we found that were buried in all our boxes of stuff.  My wife said these pictures have been in her family for a long time.  If you ever come visit our cave, make sure you look at the pictures.  Jesus asked that we share His message with anyone who will listen.  He is available for anyone needing some remodeling.  If you need to check His references, just ask me.

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