Friday, May 7, 2010

Broken Hallelujeh

Sadness.  Brokenness.  Tragedy.  The loss of a loved one...Praise?  Now?  At this moment?  Is this even possible when are insides are ripped apart?  Does God hear us?  How does a Hallelujeh sound to Him when we can barely squeeze the word from our wounded self?  Can Heaven tolerate our cacophony?

If singing a Hallelujeh is twice praying, then singing a broken Hallelujeh is priceless.  God's love for us is constant even when our world is fickle.  Choirs of angels join in with our broken Hallelujehs and a symphony like no other reverberates throughout Heaven.  Yes.  He hears you... He is pleased with your song of worship, especially when it is sung from a heart broken.  Jesus makes all things new...even a soul whose light has gone dim because it hurts...

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