Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mulligan Stew

What do you get when you throw together some meat, potatoes, veggies, and whatever else can be begged, scavenged, found or stolen?  If you were a hobo in the the early 1900's...Mulligan Stew.  If you are a member of my clan...the phrase, "you are what you eat" means you are going to find some interesting combinations in the "whatever else" portion of the recipe.

Mulligan family reunions are special, mainly because those who married into the group have really spiced things up.  They even formed their own club.  You would think that you were at some sort of AA meeting by the introductions they make. "Hi, my name is Jeff (pause)... and I'm married to a Mulligan."

Some who married into this family may have felt they discovered a diamond in the rough.  Attempts to break through the hard-headedness and strong will that pervades generation after generation have been met with mixed results. Today's blog is just for you.

For those who managed to survive the roller coaster ride that comes from joining this club, I salute you.  Your names will be forwarded to the nominating committee for sainthood when you leave this world.  When I exit stage left, will someone from this family please make sure my wife is at the top of the list?  Yes, membership in this family has its rewards but it also has its "moments".  Just ask anyone in the club...We Mulligans have begged, scavenged and even stolen to survive and we owe so much to our spouses in the club who make the Mulligan Stew recipe so tasty.

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