Friday, May 14, 2010

Part 2- The Five Monkeys

This is part two of "The Five Monkeys" post from yesterday...

A stranger entered the cage.  He did not immediately pursue the banana.  He was more interested in learning why the five monkeys behaved so strangely.  His job was to restore the monkeys to the lives they had before they were forced to live in a cage.  Their odd behavior did not make sense.

The stranger had the only key to the cage and wanted to free the monkeys.  He explained that there was a better way of life but the monkeys did not comprehend the meaning of the stranger's words.  In order to free the monkeys, a great sacrifice would be needed.

A plan had been devised by the boss before the stranger entered the cage.  The stranger tried to explain the plan to the monkeys, but they could not understand what was about to happen.  Without a major intervention, the monkeys would be forever doomed.

The stranger's time for action had come and he moved closer to the banana.  Within seconds, the five monkeys jumped on top of the stranger and began to beat him severely.  The stranger lost his life.  His dead body was left in the cage.

Three days later, the five monkeys woke up and saw that the stranger had returned from the dead.  He was eating the banana and shared it with the five monkeys. 

"What's your name?" asked one of the monkeys.  The stranger answered, "they call me Jesus."  The experiment was now over, time for the monkeys to move on.  They were finally free.  They decided to share their story with the whole world.  Jesus taught them to stop fighting (sometimes easier for monkeys than for humans).  At last, the group was done monkeying around.  Their new lives would never be the same...Jesus asked them to follow Him out of the cage to meet His Boss.  Bananas were waiting, enough for everyone to last until the end of time...

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