Monday, May 24, 2010

The Next Generation of Coupons

I just picked up my treasure boxes for the month of May.  Some really yummy food for a great price.  In case you missed my last post about this non-profit site.  Check out this link:

Thanks to my sister,  I just discovered another little treasure.  This new-age coupon idea, called groupon,  is using collective buying power to get great deals on food, entertainment and all sorts of fitness and health related products.  The daily specials are out of this world.

The site offers $10 in groupons for every friend you sign up.  The only catch is that a minimum number of people need to agree to get the deal before it is sold to the group.  Some of the daily specials attract thousands of people.

I will definitely be using this site for gifts since the groupons have long expiration dates.

If you would like to check out this site, click on the link below.  This link is set up for San Diego, however, if you live in another area, just click on "visit more cities" near the top of the site to see if your city is on board.

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