Friday, October 14, 2016

Why You Should Stay in the Race

You are the only person in this world uniquely equipped to do the things you are created to do.  Think about that for a moment.  If you give up, there will be a hole in the universe.  Do you really want to face your maker at the end of your life and have him show you a picture of what could have been had you stayed in the race?  You can change lives.  You can make a difference.  All you need to do is never give up.  Never.  I'll share something with you I believe with every fiber of my being.  It has to do with the finish line.  The outcome is predetermined.  As much as the other side wants to you think differently, this is absolutely impossible.  Do you want to know the end of the story?  Here it is:  God wins.  You have the choice to stay in the race or quit early.  There will be sacrifices.  There will be pain.  Yes, there will be suffering.  Beware of all the distractions.  The only thing that matters is your choice to stay in the race.  Please stay in the game.  Thank you.  Have a great day.  I look forward to celebrating with you at the finish line.

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