Sunday, October 2, 2016

How to Put the Brakes on Your Biological Time Clock

Beware of the free stuff.  It may be killing you.  This is one of the most difficult lessons I learned from my dad.  He told me he was offered free cigarettes while serving in the Marines.  It seemed like a kind gesture but he became addicted.  Dad lost his battle with lung cancer at age 67.  There are other killers out there causing our biological time clocks to spin out of control and we rarely consider the dangers they pose because they are so ingrained in our culture.  If we become aware of our surroundings, perhaps we can put the brakes on our biological time clocks.  Here are some ideas to consider:
  1. Hold the free chips when you order Mexican food.  They are not free when you consider the price your body pays for consuming them.  Odds are the corn is genetically engineered meaning your body doesn't know what do during the digestion process.  The chips get stored around your waist line.  The cooking oil the chips are fried in is a trans fat, a probable human carcinogen.  The oils used to prepare your chips can cause aging, inflammation, cancer and weight gain.
  2. Skip the tortilla on your burrito.  "What is a burrito without the tortilla?"  you ask.  My response is as plain as my new food regimen, "when you skip the tortilla you are slowing down the aging process." Tell your food server you want a naked burrito wrapped in lettuce.
  3. Say goodbye to milk, butter, ice cream and cheese.  Dairy products are good for one thing, weight gain.  Cow's milk has everything necessary to add 400 pounds of weight to a calve in its first year of life.  Then the calve weans itself and switches to grass.  Wean yourself from dairy and your body will reward you with better health.
  4. Say no the free soda.  One can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, usually high fructose corn syrup.  It's also loaded with artificial food colors.  Two cans a day can add one pound of week in weight gain.  Stop drinking soda and you can slow down Father Time.
  5. Replace all your processed foods with natural foods.  Your body knows how to digest Nature's finest.  It's the man-made stuff that confuses the digestion process.  The on/off switches break down and health issues arise, causing our biological time clocks to accelerate out of control.
Put the brakes on your biological time clock to today and make sure you skip anything free that may cost you in the long run.  Have a great day.

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