Sunday, October 9, 2016

How to Neutralize Negative People

Negative people can't be defeated.  They always return to fight another day.  They are consumed by their own misery and destined to share with anyone who will engage them.  If you can't beat them, neutralize them.  That's right – neutralize them.  Consider yourself as a car battery.  Your positive energy is limited.  If you stay connected to a dead battery long enough, eventually you will be fully depleted.  You may not be able to stay away from these people because of work requirements or social situations where they are part of your life, but you can limit your contact.  When they seek you out for help, give them a jump start and quickly disengage.  Don't fight.  Your opposition becomes a transfer of energy from you to them.  That's why you feel tired and drained if you remain connected too long.  Stay neutral in all conversations.  Avoid controversy.  Keep smiling.  Have a great day.

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