Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Get Your Mind Right Today

Are you finding yourself in a rut?  It happens.  Remember one thing, everything going on in your life can be separated into two categories – the things you can control and the things you cannot.  Your challenge is to sort properly.  Failure to do this leads to a sense of helplessness, loss of sleep, anxiety and all kinds of troubles.

Once you separate your life into these two categories, the next task is to forget about everything in the "things you cannot control" box.  Think of it as a room in your home that is off limits.  Don't go there.  That's where all the people go who want to wallow in their misery.  They live here.  There is no light in this room.  There is no hope.  Your mind will never be right if you choose to reside in this room.

If you truly want to get your mind right, make a to do list composed of what's inside the "things you can control box."  Prioritize.  Make sure "attitude," "hopes," and "dreams" are at the top of the list.  Focus your mind on your priority list and stay busy.

Warning.  That dark room may be haunted with ghosts from your past or people in your life who are toxic.  Keep that door locked and don't open it under any circumstances except to add items that were mistakenly placed on the "things you can control" list.  Have a great day and enjoy living in your right mind.

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