Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to Master the Art of Letting Go

Letting go is an art.  The artist sees the beauty inside when others only see an ugly slab of rock.  He chisels away all that's holding his masterpiece captive until it's finally free.  You can do the same when you look in the mirror.  Your inner beauty is cloaked by your own thoughts and beliefs.  Why are you hiding?  Are you afraid others will see the real you once you rid yourself of everything holding you back?

The Evil One fears you will master the art of letting go because He knows the truth – you are created in the Father's image.  He ensnares you in the desires of this world to keep your eyes focused on a false picture of who you think you are.  He wants you to believe your value is in all the things you desperately hold on to and that if you let go your self worth diminishes.  Do something bold today.  Give God the chisel and let go of everything else.  Ask God to set you free.  He will remove all that is unnecessary and reveal a reflection of Himself.  When others can see Jesus in you then you have mastered the art of letting go.  Never give up.  Letting go takes a lifetime to master.  Have a great day.

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