Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Dreams are the secret ingredients you need to add spice to your life.  Without them, your life may appear bland and flavorless.  Close your eyes and imagine your dream life.  Let this picture awaken all your senses.  Once it becomes vivid in your mind, open your eyes and observe all the obstacles preventing you from turning your dreams into reality.  Your job is to cleanse yourself of all the impediments keeping you from your destiny.  Decide today you will pay the price to obtain every ingredient you need to bring your dreams from the farm to the table.  You will need seeds.  You will need fertilizer.  It will take time to cultivate your dreams.  Don't let the naysayers invade.  Watch over your dreams and don't let them wilt.  You will inspire others when they see your rich harvest.  Have a great day.

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