Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tip the Scales in Your Favor

Life can be challenging.  Sometimes it looks like a baseball game and the opposing pitchers appear unstoppable.  Don't fret.  There's a way to tip the scales in your favor.  You do this with hard work, daily preparation and unstoppable determination.  Scouting is a huge part of this.  Your opponent  has one or more weaknesses you can exploit with proper planning.  Study.  Study.  Study.  Be creative.  The difference between winning and losing may come down to a single pitch or one error on your opponents side.  Your job is to limit your mistakes and play your best game with courage through all nine innings.  It's wise to be ready for extra innings in case the other side refuses to give up.  Train for this.  Show the world you know how to tip the scales in your favor in any situation.  Have a great day.

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