Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is Your House Divided?

Abraham Lincoln prophesied about the future of our country when he gave his famous speech about slavery.  "A house divided cannot stand," he said, foretelling that our country would one day be all free or all slave.  His opponent had a different plan.  Lincoln prevailed in the long run because he was correct and his ideas were right out of the Bible.

The first to refer to a house divided was Jesus.  In Mark 3:25, Jesus said, "a house divided cannot stand."  He was teaching his followers that the devil cannot win when he fights against himself.  Similarly, man cannot win when he fights against the Holy Spirit.  Check your house today and make sure the foundation is solid.  Is everything to code?  Are repairs needed?  Did you follow the master plan?  If you find your house is divided, contact the architect of your life and ask for help.  Have a great day.

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