Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Morning Attitude Determines Your Daily Altitude

Two people were talking about the kind of day they expected to have.  One said, "I'm excited about today, it's going to be a great day."  The other frowned and said, "I have a feeling today's going to be a repeat of yesterday.  It's going to another bad one."  They were both right.  History tends to repeat itself.  Past performance predicts future performance.  Those who fly high in the sky understand the attitude factor.  Here's one of my favorite ideas about preparing my morning attitude before takeoff.  It's all about gratitude – I'm thankful for every encounter I'm about to have.  The happy people are going to cheer me up.  The angry ones are going to remind me what happens when I concentrate on all things miserable and fail to see abundant opportunity in every situation.  The pessimists are going to reveal how tough it is to fly when they can't see their own wings.  And the optimists are going to challenge me to reach to new heights.  I'm ready for takeoff.  I'm planning to soar.  How about you?

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