Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Inner Voice Sound Check

How often do you tune in to your inner voice?  Do you have trouble finding your beat if you skip your morning sound check?  It's the quiet time before go live with the rest of the world on center stage.  I call this silent time my inner voice sound check.  If you're having trouble with your acoustics, here are some ideas I'm using in my life that may benefit you:
  1. Change your venue.  Your inner voice requires limited distractions in order to be properly heard.  Sometimes you need to go outside and take a hike.  The less man-made noise, the better.  Find a quiet space where you can allow your inner voice to be heard.
  2. Change your routine.  You need to make time for your sound checks before you interact with the world.  Try getting up fifteen minutes early so you can listen to your inner voice.  Keep in mind that too little sleep is counter-productive.  In order to wake up early, you need to go to bed early as well.  The last thing you want to do is sleep through your sound check.
  3. Change your act.  Does the world listen to you when you're on center stage?  Do you have a worthwhile message?  If the answer to these questions is no, figure out what's not working during your morning sound check.  Perhaps you need a new act.  If you don't like the sound of your voice when you're all alone, it's time to find some new material.
  4. Be original.  The world is full of copycats.  Your inner voice is like no other.  Harmonize with it.  Don't be afraid what others think.  Your inner voice is a gift.
  5. Let your inner voice be heard.  It starts with the sound check and carries over to your live performance.  Make sure your audience can hear what's inside of you.  Your gifts are meant to be shared.
I'm still making minor adjustments in my personal life to find the right balance.  The beat of the music is better and I'm happy with the results.  Moving forward, I'm committing to more time to hearing my inner voice and less time listening to all the noisy voices in the outside world.  If you have any ideas to contribute, please share in the comments section below.  Have a great day.

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